BFF Workshop Diaries

  • Article by Not.Travis Photography by Erica Simone & Not.Travis Going to Africa on a volunteer trip had always been something that I dreamt of since I was a little kid. For whatever reason, I always knew it was something I was going to do. I

  • Article by Jerry Chu Photography by Challenging Heights “Friends International Academy” Youth   “Hi My Name is Noah and I’m 10 years old.  I want you to be my BFF.” As I stepped off the bus into Challenging Heights, I saw a sea of welcoming

  • Article and Photography by Erica Simone   When Monica first told me months ago that we would be leading a project in Ghana, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I had never considered traveling to Ghana, mainly because I didn’t know anything about it,

  •   Article by Shannon Mac Ardhail   “Kwesi!” two boys cheered and exchanged brilliant smiles, first to each other then to me, from the opposite diagonal corner of a table of the Challenging Heights’ school library in Winneba, Ghana. Next, they gave me a decisive, slow,

  • Article By Zephy Photography by Challenging Heights   It’s been twenty-four hours since we’ve arrived in Ghana, a vibrant country filled with gregarious and good-natured people.  We’ve been greeted with an abundance of huge, kind smiles, graciousness, and plenty of fried rice.  For our first