Thursday, April 4th, 6-10pm (ET)


675 Hudson St. Floor 4, NY, NY

On Thursday, April 4th, from 6-10 PM, NYC-based anti-trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom (BFF) will unveil a transformative mixed media exhibit at Triangle Loft Studio 4S Gallery. This exhibit will showcase the courageous stories of survivors of human trafficking through the captivating medium of art. The series features poignant works co-created by survivors in collaboration with talented professional artists.

Human trafficking survivors often face immense trauma that makes it challenging to verbalize their experiences and find healing. However, through the therapeutic power of art, they discover a powerful outlet to share their stories and reclaim their voices.

This compelling art series was created in collaboration with Beauty for Freedom’s art therapy and empowerment initiatives supported by PUIG via the Fundacion Puig Invisible Beauty Makers 8th edition initiative. Invisible Beauty was launched in 2014 as a social initiative reflecting the Puig family’s approach to business and the aim of leaving a better world for future generations.

“Collaborative efforts among the artists and survivors amplify creative vision and catalysts for impactful change and emotional resonance. Through shared exploration and collective expression, the artist and survivor forge narratives that transcend boundaries, igniting conversations, stirring emotions, and fostering a deeper healing connection with the world around us.”

– Erin Remington, The Art of Freedom Curator

Amy Bravo | Ali Herrmann | Angelica Lorenzi | Verdiana Patacchini | Kariny Padilla | Camille Clavery | CLoD | Kir | Gina | Regina | Cindy | D. | Sheena | Raeyn

Note: 100% of sales from artwork created by the Survivor Participants will go directly to them.

Let’s come together to celebrate resilience, creativity, and the indomitable human spirit.

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