Beauty for Freedom Youth Education & Mentorship Programming – GLOBAL


Introducing Beauty for Freedom Travel Abroad Art Therapy Workshop Series for Survivors of Human Trafficking and At-Risk Youth: Redefining Freedom Through Creativity

Helping Participants:


  • Cultivate Self-Expression, Self-Esteem & Communication Skills
  • Promote problem- solving skills that help survivors dissect problems into manageable tasks while identifying possible solutions
  • Nurture Mindfulness: Survivors learn how to focus their attention at will. This ability to be fully present and attentive is an act of mindfulness
  • Personal Development: Improved Leadership, Empowerment & Interpersonal Skills
  • Confidence Building: Motivation built up through the creative process helps survivors work harder in other areas of life with greater confidence and competence.
  • Cathartic Relief: The experience of cathartic relief. Breaking the cycle of pain with a healthy and productive activity can help survivors gain skills to seek out positive creative activities in their lives when they feel overtaken by emotions

The survivors Beauty for Freedom serves have little access to educational and skills training opportunities. BFF brings in expert professionals from around the world to teach courses that cultivate our survivors to express themselves and build self-confidence while also creating opportunities to raise funds for their own educational and emotional needs through creating artwork, photography and the creation of products from our workshop series.  We always conclude our project(s) producing a community art, mural and photography exhibit that we showcase to the community, family, and friends so the participants can be proud of what they have created. Additionally, the assets created during the workshop series are sold globally and directly benefit the survivors and at-risk youth from these communities. The creative arts and art therapy offer multiple opportunities for survivors to redefine who they are and take control over determining a new integrated sense of self. Our courses help participants with their overall development of skills.



Each Course Includes:
Group Discussions on Freedom
Creative Writing (Hopes & Dreams)
Community Portrait Series  (Photography Workshops)
Mural Workshops
Painting Workshops
Community Exhibition