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Beauty for Freedom (BFF Programming) focuses on Survivor Advocacy, Education, Empowerment and Activism. Since 2014, we have raised awareness, funds and taught creative workshops in the US and abroad. Our organization has served over 3,000+ survivors and at-risk youth globally through our creative arts and empowerment initiatives. We have been raising awareness and teaching empowerment within our community in New York City through creative workshops, grassroots programming and producing fundraising events.


Within our BFF Programming, our Art Therapy Program is dedicated to helping trauma survivors through the creative process. Beauty for Freedom is one of a few organizations in New York City dedicated solely to providing Art Therapy at NO COST to survivors of trafficking & at-risk youth who have experienced trauma. We need your help in order to meet the demand for services. Our creative programs provide a proven therapeutic approach and creative outlet to help heal individuals in building self-confidence. We also offer job-readiness programs to prepare them for professional careers.


Beauty for Freedom’s continued work in empowering survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth through the creative arts is invaluable to the human spirit. Our goals through creative therapy are to help supplement the recovery process by giving opportunities to learn and use the power of imagination. Working with our students reassures us of their progress and their appetite for learning, artistic ability and strengthened confidence. Our mission is to empower the individuals we work with to call themselves exhibited artists after we exhibit, help sell and publicize their work globally.

Our programs have a holistic approach where we educate and empower our volunteer network about advocacy and social activism. We teach them creative ways to develop campaigns and fundraising opportunities they can execute with the support of their community. Beauty for Freedom promotes the idea that one person can make a difference.

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