Today Was A Good Day – Words by Isabelle Katz-Krintz

Today Was A Good Day

Words by Isabelle Katz-Krintz—Executive Director together1heart

Photographs by Jeana Lindo & together1heart staff

Today… What can I say? It was very emotional… because of the heat? Because of the jet lag? Because of the fatigue? None of these, even though some are major factor of fatigue, are why I broke down…


I broke down because of these beautiful souls from Beauty for Freedom that I was surrounded by, who came all the way from NYC, left their daily lives on the side for a week and are giving all of their talents and compassion to our together1heart girls at the center. (Monica Watkins, Amanda Reilly, Erica Simone, Jeana Lindo & Magda Love) These women are true freedom fighters! The young women and girls we serve (some are as young as 4 years old) are the strongest girls that I have ever met especially after you know what they have been through. Because of the dedicated staff of together1heart/AFESIP Cambodia who work tirelessly to make sure all the girls have the love and support they need, because of my sisters Somaly Mam, Sina Vann and Thy Sopheap who inspire me every single day….Today was an emotional day… but today was a good day!