Monthly Good: Beauty for Freedom

by Veronica

We wanted to continue our monthly Mini Good series by spotlighting the organization, Beauty For Freedom. It’s a non-profit founded and supported by some pretty illustrious names from the modeling industry that are using their resources in art, beauty, and fashion to support at-risk youth and survivors of trafficking through eduction in artistic fields. Eduction in artistic fields gives these kids life skills and promotes self-confidence through self-expression. On top of all that, Beauty for Freedom is bringing awareness and much needed funds for the rescue teams and trafficking shelters in India, Ghana and here in the U.S.

They are currently working on Project Ghana which involved Beauty for Freedom partnering with Challenging Heights, a rescue team and shelter based in Ghana. One of the workshops put on by Beauty for Freedom was a photography workshop sponsored by acclaimed artist JR’s Inside Out Project. The kids were given 19 cameras with which they produced a series of portraits that have been turned into mix-media pieces in collaboration with some of the most illustrious global artists. All proceeds from the sales of the artwork will go to back to the kids at Challenging Heights in Ghana and an expansion of the Beauty for Freedom art therapy programming for survivors.

Beauty for Freedom’s previous endeavor was a similar project with at-risk youth and survivors of trafficking in India called, “Illuminate.” The photos produced by the kids were compiled into a a book (unedited and un-retouched!), which can be purchased here.

The artwork the kids produced is brimming with vitality while bringing a refreshing kid’s perspective to the lens. The above images were all shot by said kids and I think it’s pretty obvious why we are putting our belief in Beauty for Freedom.

You can find out more about Beauty for Freedom here and follow them on Instagram and checkout their programming video here.

Main Photo: Erica Simone

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