Beauty Undefined Trailer

Filmed at Lick Studios
Featuring Melanie Gaydos
Photographer- Crystal Vinson
Hair/Make-up Eden DiBianco
Director/Editor- Monica Watkins
Graphics- Raj Shah & Beauty for Freedom
Producer- Jerry Chu | The Stitch Effect
Original Score- “Awakenings” by Composer Ahmed Alabaca
©CTM Sisters Productions 2016

SELECT Presents “Beauty Undefined”: An Empowered Exploration of Women and Beauty
An Exhibition Curated by Monica Watkins and Magda Love
Benefitting Project India
March 2nd & 3rd, 2016 at 51 Orchard Street NY, NY

“Beauty Undefined” a new exhibition co-curated by Ford Model and Philanthropist Monica Watkins and Visual Artist and Muralist Magda Love premiered Wed. March 2nd at 51 Orchard St. and featured over 20 International artists to include Tim Okamura, Erica Simone, Esteban del Valle, Toto Cullen, Lina Valentina, Magda Love, Marco Gallotta, Crystal Vinson, Dasha Dare, Allie Olson, Jeana Lindo, Zephy, Sokphalla Ban, Rob Forbes, Alison Brady, Nikola Tamindzic, Loan Chabanol, Shaun Mader, Sajji Lazarus, Ekaterina Kulikova and Imani Tudor.

Beauty Undefined explored the concept of womanhood and societal ideologies regarding beauty. Images of female beauty vary greatly across cultures and time as does what qualifies as “beautiful” among everyday women. Beauty Undefined developed a stronger definition of beauty of the female form by introducing issues of culture and identity through the mediums of photography, illustration, video installations, fine art and street art.

“I had a different ideology of what I wanted to do in curating “Beauty Undefined”. — I wanted the artist’s voice to be present and not just their work, the part of themselves they’d like to more completely express. This show really challenges us all to create our own definitions of the female form in regards to beauty. We need to expand our minds and embrace the fact that there is freedom in letting go of old cultural conceptions of women and beauty. “Beauty Undefined” celebrates that freedom.” Co-Curator | Monica Watkins

Monica Watkins, successful Ford model, artist and philanthropist, combined her passion for helping others and an understanding of the power of art and created Art in Motion, a platform to seek out and nurture young, disadvantaged youth. Through AIM, Monica has created art, music, fashion, and photography workshops to more than 1,300 children in Europe, Haiti, Asia and America. Additionally, Monica has organized/produced numerous charity events and curated several solo and group exhibitions. She is also the Co-founder and Creative Director of Beauty for Freedom, a New York City based anti-trafficking non-profit.

Magda Love
Born in Argentina, Magda Love has lived in New York City for more than a decade. Mostly know by her colorful street art and big public works. The artist forms deeply textured, often ferocious, narratives joining nostalgic images with emotional moments. Her aim is to inspire dialogue about personal experience and prompt a thoughtful pause in the roller coaster of life. Her work, inspired by her travels, her memories, exposes vulnerability, strength, nostalgia, sorrow and joy.

About Beauty for Freedom & Project India
Beauty for Freedom is an innovative, sustainable platform providing the industries of Beauty and Fashion with a means to raise awareness, accountability, and financial contributions for charitable foundations and non-profits who fight human trafficking globally. Spring 2016, Beauty for Freedom will be producing a series of art, music, photography and writing workshops in SE Asia (Project India) meant to promote self-esteem and self-expression for survivors of sex-trafficking.

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