Beauty for Freedom 2018 Creative Programming Overview

About Beauty for Freedom
Beauty for Freedom a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, is an innovative, sustainable platform providing the industries of Beauty and Fashion with a means to raise awareness, accountability, and financial contributions to charitable foundations and non-profits who fight human trafficking globally.

Beauty for Freedom exists to empower survivors and at-risk youth of trafficking through creative expression and art therapy facilitating a strengthening of empowerment and self-esteem while cultivating community engagement and awareness. We work in areas where there are high instances of human trafficking to financially empower women to feed their families, stand up against their abusers, and prevent their children from being trafficked. Art making allows survivors to discover new talents, interests, and strengths as they progress through the recovery and reintegration process. Artwork that survivors create and complete, even if the process isn’t always pleasant, becomes a source of pride and joy. Feelings of accomplishment, pride, and joy intrinsically motivate survivors to work on other projects in art that provide appropriate challenge according to their current and growing skill set. Intrinsic motivation built up through the creative flow process can help survivors work harder in other areas of life with greater confidence and competence.

BFF curricula are expressive and creative in nature. Our creative courses aim to help survivors find a form of expression beyond words or traditional therapy. Creative therapy is as limitless as the imagination in finding appropriate modes of expression. Our teachings include art, music, filmmaking and photography workshops. Creative art experiences can give survivors an opportunity to accept and integrate their traumatic experiences into a larger context of the purpose for their lives.

Directed & Edited by Monica Watkins
Soundtrack by Patrik Pietschmann (Hans Zimmer – Interstellar – Main Theme)
Filmed by Monica Watkins, Erica Simone & Jerry Chu