“Project Destiny” Capsule Collection and Campaign Launching Spring 2017

“Project Destiny” Capsule Collection and Campaign Launching Spring 2017

Beauty for Freedom, Council for Fashion and Social Change and Destiny Foundation/Reflection Partner on a Fashion Social Venture Project Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking



In collaboration with Kolkata, India based charitable trust and social venture for survivors of Human trafficking and at-risk youth Destiny Foundation/Reflection, the anti-trafficking non-profit Beauty for Freedom (BFF) and the activism-based product empowerment initiative Council for Fashion and Social Change (CFSC) have teamed up to create the Project Destiny Fashion Campaign and Capsule Collection to help raise funds and awareness for the fight to end sex-trafficking in India via Destiny Foundation/Reflection’s training programs at shelter homes and in the Red Light district’s, equipping young women and girls with knowledge of life skills such as sewing and crafts along with their literacy programming. All products in Project Destiny’s capsule collection were created and manufactured by the artisans under Destiny Foundation’s empowerment programs. Proceeds from sales of all products after production and distribution will be donated to the programming at Destiny Foundation/Reflection.

The campaign and capsule collection’s mission is to engage the industries of Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment as powerful allies in the fight to end sex trafficking and to create an innovative, sustainable platform that will provide a means to raise awareness, accountability, and financial support for charitable foundations and non-profits who fight this battle on the front lines by creating job training and opportunities for survivors so that there is a lesser recidivism rate for re-trafficking and more opportunities for survivors to live sustainable and healthy lives by being paid fair wages for their work in fashion and textiles. Together, we can work to end the trafficking in persons once and for all!

Project Destiny, photographed by artist/philanthropist Dasha Dare, Creative Directed/Produced by BFF Executive Director Monica Watkins and styled by CFSC Founder/Director Katya Akuma features two hand-loomed natural cotton scarves, recycled sari yoga bags and one-of-a-kind recycled sari blankets. All products have been created and designed by the young artisans who Destiny Foundation/Reflection employs. The capsule collection, launching Spring 2017 and available for shipping orders May/June 2017 will allow Destiny to expand their teaching programs and to grow the number of survivors under their employ.


Please join our movement and place orders to support this incredible organization empowering women through fashion!
Media Contacts/Ordering Inquiries
Monica Watkins info@beautyforfreedom.org
Katya Akuma info@fashionandchange.com


About Destiny Foundation/Reflection
Located in Kolkata, Destiny Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to end human trafficking and slavery. Established in the year 2007 by Smarita and Rebecca

The Foundation comprises two divisions – Destiny, the charitable wing and Reflection, the social business wing – which work in tandem with each other. Our aim is not simply to save girls from trafficking or sexual exploitation, but to make certain that they are not compelled to go back into the trade due to social and economic pressures. To achieve that end, Destiny Reflection recruits women from shelter homes and brothels, giving them training and employment opportunity. All our employees have been subjected to trafficking or are at high risk of falling prey to the process.

Our mission is to enable our employees to overcome their disadvantaged situation and become self-sufficient so that they never feel the compulsion to return to the sex trade.


About Beauty for Freedom (BFF)
Beauty for Freedom (BFF) is an innovative, sustainable platform providing the industries of Beauty, Art, Entertainment and Fashion with a means to raise awareness, accountability and financial contributions for charitable foundations and non-profits who fight human trafficking globally. BFF has been fierce in its mission to engage these industries as powerful allies in the fight to end human trafficking through public campaigns, workshops, and fundraising events.

Since 2013, founder Monica Watkins and BFF have created photography and art therapy workshops for over 500 impoverished and at-risk youth in Haiti, Hong Kong, Cambodia, France and the Dominican Republic. Fall 2016, BFF produced a series of photography workshops in India meant to promote self-esteem and self-expression for survivors of sex-trafficking and at-risk youth.

Beauty for Freedom connects the entertainment, technology, and design communities to advocate arts education worldwide. To date, BFF has sponsored photography programming for 350 girls in Cambodia, India, Hong Kong and Dominican Republic. More than 10 committed Beauty for Freedom Ambassador Volunteers serve as strong role models, teaching art therapy/photography programming to these young women and girls and supporting the Beauty for Freedom platform in the US as event producers, social media rock stars, publicists, problem solvers and team leaders.



About Council for Fashion and Social Change (CFSC)
Council for Fashion and Social Change, Inc. (“CFSC”) is a non-profit organization based in New York, organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. CFSC’s goal is to raise funds for charitable causes using innovative collaborations between the fashion industry, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

One of CFSC’s primary objectives is to help other existing non-profit organizations by initiating short term fundraising projects and activities by leveraging collaborations with fashion companies.

CFSC’s fundraising projects entail working on creating limited-edition collections/products by teaming with major fashion companies and freshly graduated designers from top design schools in New York City. The partner fashion companies then produce, market, and sell items that were created in collaboration with CFSC and design graduates. A significant percentage of the sales or portion of the profits from the collaboration is contributed directly to the non-profit organizations in need, which in turn would use the funds to finance their initiatives.

CFSC also supports newly graduated design students by creating meaningful opportunities for them to team up with established fashion companies and develop limited edition collections. The experience garnered on these projects provides them with invaluable industry insight and serve as a connection point to renowned fashion companies.